Host Your Own Bubbly Tasting Kit

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Everything you need to host your how BUBBLY tasting (both virtual and in person). We love to have tasting parties and can't wait to (virtually) celebrate with you at your tasting party.  Right here is everything you need to be as formal or as fun as you want.

Included in this digital bundle:

The Ultimate Bubbly Tasting Guide
Everything you need to know
to host your own successful and most importantly, fun bubbly
tasting at home.
This guide includes everything you want to know about Sparkling Wine in general AND walks you through how to have your own "formal" bubbly tasting at home.  
A variety of digital placemats for any type of tasting
you are hosting that you can easily print off for each guest.
They will love walking away with documentation of their favorite bubbly
knowing exactly what to buy for the next get together.  
5 different placemats to choose from-perfect for any type of tasting party.
6 Steps to Bubbly Tasting Cards
A digital card that takes you
through the steps of tasting just like at a “formal” wine tasting.
Print these off for your guests to fully experience the joys of bubbly
Sip If Cards 
Consider this a classy drinking game with no right or
wrong way to play it.  You have 50 cards or scenarios where you
are bound to laugh a lot and maybe learn something new about
your friends too.
Everything is 100% downloadable immediately with purchase.